Lavinia Elise

Lavinia began her relationship with yoga in 2011 while living and working in Krakow, Poland. After graduating from Business school and living the corporate life for some time, Lavinia decided to pursue her passion, founded Unfold Your Mat and started to teach yoga. She has a 500 hours certification from Yoga Alliance following two teacher trainings in Rishikesh and Mysore, India. Lavinia continues to deepen her yoga studies through personal practice, research, and studies with other teachers. She believes a yoga teacher is an eternal student.

Most of Lavinia’s classes are dynamic and challenging while emphasizing the beauty of asanas alignment, the connection between the body, the mind and the emotions, respecting where you are in your practice and listening to your own body.

The yoga style might vary from class to class. It will mostly be a mix of Hatha and Ashtanga,  Hatha or Vinyasa Flow.

Because Lavinia strongly believes in teaching a healthy practice, not just a stretching routine, the sequences are adapted to the group’s needs. She looks at the individual as a whole and not just muscles and bones. The mental and emotional component, as well as the personal development through the practice of yoga is something she takes into consideration on and off the mat.

Lavinia strongly believes in the method of yoga, as a as self-discipline and self-awareness method. She shares the yoga knowledge as a way to grow as an individual, as well as for the good of society. Through her classes, she hopes to bring more awareness, calmness, and peacefulness into her students’ busy everyday lifes, inspire them to grow and learn more every day. Her teaching style is mainly influenced by her daily Ashtanga yoga practice which is rooted in the traditional Vinyasa method.


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