Nia White Belt med Ann Christiansen 21-26 sept, Göteborg

Join ANN CHRISTIANSEN for the Nia White Belt Training

Part movement training, part personal retreat, the Nia® White Belt will take you on a guided journey into a deeper relationship with your Self.
Find the JOY in Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit that is your birthright. Learn to listen deeply to the yearnings of your body and the desires of your soul.
Discover the transformation that awaits you on the other side of awareness.

FOCUS: Art of Sensation
INTENT: Embody the Foundation of Nia

Nia White Belt Training takes you on a journey of self-discovery by exploring the art of sensation through 13 principles for body-centered awareness.
Each principle teaches you a variety of skills and practices to increase your body literacy – the ability to listen to your body – and empowers you to make choices that enhance health and total well-being on and off the dance floor.

Nia White Belt teaches you the Art of Sensation through five core areas of study:

Movement – the study of moving, health + potential

Anatomy – the study of body design, parts + systems

Science – the study of body awareness, health + vitality

Music – the study of sound, health + expression

Philosophy – the study of the body’s inherent wisdom

Read more about the training and trainer Ann Christiansen here:

There you will also find all information needed to book the training.
The training will be held at the facilities of Nia Movement, Nordostpassagen 55, Gothenburg.

Warm welcome!