Explore the physical and spiritual anatomy of the five major tenants of Kundalini Yoga practice: Pranayama (breathing techniques), Mudra ( special hand gestures), Bhandas (energetic body locks), Static & Rhythmic Asana (physical posturing), and Meditation (the art of focusing ones attention).
The fascinating way in which these disciplines are woven together in the formal practice of Kriya Yoga cultivates a powerful harmonic frequency that flows freely in a majestic figure of eight between the body and the mind giving birth to the observable process of accelerated evolution.

About Amir

The workshop is led by Yoga and Meditation Teacher Amir Jaan. Amir’s fascination in the White Tantric Temple Arts began over 25 years ago. These are energetic practices that establish, strengthen, and sustain optimum health; physical, mental, and emotional. Amir’s years of teaching with the general public, charities supporting people in recovery, young offenders, and private consultations for those with particular and/or special needs, have contributed to the breadth of his experience.
Amir’s specialist knowledge in the field of Humanology has forged him into a powerful instrument to assist those with a desire or need to approach character and health reformation, in an organic, safe, and self healing way. His many years of teaching have refined Amir’s intuitive observation and sensitivity to what is required in each moment for each of those present in the theatre in which he shares his work.

Amir’s own ongoing, personal inquiry and public investigation into yogic science, physical and spiritual anatomy and the way they all work together have led him to develop a fusion of yoga practices. These incorporate exquisite music and cross- pollinate complementary practices from a variety of wisdom traditions. The practices are both experimental and experiential; producing a practical and functional toolkit to help mitigate the stress and tension of modern life. It is a practice that is simple, achievable, sustainable, and effective. It is important to Amir that his classes are accessible and available for everyone regardless of tradition, experience, age, and physical ability.


Date: 15 sept 10-16
Price: 1095 kr

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