Exploring Continuity and Flow in the Fascial Web With Ateeka

Connect and explore and RESTORE movement within your LIVING WEB of LIFE, the myofascial tissue (bindevet) … a continuum of soft tissue . .. floating in its own fluid . . . without beginning or end . . . that offers both freedom and containment to your entire anatomy.

In this practice day, we will dive into the miraculous tissue of the fasciae . . . learning more about the nature of the different layers and how they interplay . . . in an experiential way. Our practice will meet both the rational mind and the meditative movement of the body.

You will learn 5 simple steps to the practice of MYOFASCIAL UNWINDING that softly and gently helps to restore your myofascial/connective tissue to a state of healthy natural resiliency and more pleasure in the body. Many people experience immediate stress and pain reduction from this practice. This is a practice you can take home and practice everyday!

Myofascial unwinding can bring us into a deeper contact with our felt-sense of being-in-body, breath, a deeper relaxation in the whole system . . . opening us up to a natural way of being in contact with life . . .

Tid: Torsdag 28/11 kl 10-16
Pris: 950 kr
Anmälan till eller 031-144001
Anmälan är bindande.