Kliv in i dig själv, med Britta von Tagen

Två fantastiska workshops – en resa in i kropp och själ

Välkommen att dyka in i Nias värld av rörelse och musik, som rör vid både kropp och själ. Två tvåtimmars workshops ledda av Britta von Tagen, Int Cert Nia Trainer, från Idaho, USA.


Fall of a Rebel Angel – Enigma

This very special workshop taps into our movement creativity, inspired by the 2016 Enigma album ”The Fall of a Rebel Angel. Join us for a 2-hour workshop with Britta von Tagen where we delve into the untold stories and mysteries behind the fall of a rebel angel.

A story in the dance and an expression all on its own. A journey into the Art and Dance Expression of Nia. Guided movements as well as free movement exploration to this touching music.

”Haunting music which echos in my being.” Britta

This is going to be a fun and unique event you won’t want to miss!

Tid: torsdag 5 september kl 15-17
Pris: 395 kr
Biljetter: Köp din biljett här via Tickster. Bokningen är bindande


Waterdance – A Movement Prayer to the Earth and Ocean

Swim with the fish, swim with your love of the ocean. Preserve the element of water using dance as a call to action. Spread the word let if flow like water.

A two hour Dive In …  together into a magical movement prayer to the earth, the flow of Life and existence.

Tid: torsdag 5 september kl 18-20
Pris: 395 kr
Biljetter: Köp din biljett här via Tickster. Bokningen är bindande.

Delta på båda workshops: 695 kr


Words from Britta…

My Mantra: I am, therefore I teach.

I have been passionate about educating humanity to help heal the world through the dance of Nia since 1995. As a teacher trainer, I have been training Nia teachers since 2002, first in Idaho and now worldwide at the levels of White Belt, Green Belt, and Blue Belt. I have found over the years of training that the Nia practice has generated an even stronger intention of Peace on Earth inside me. Not that I have to love or save everyone, but I do seek to create a positive environment for individuals to be transported while getting a great workout, no matter what their age or ability! Nia is an international language, like nature is. It is the language of sensation or words without words, an alchemical formula for magic.

Presently, I have combined my 20 years of experience working with children, my degree in Elementary Education, and the depth of Nia, to create a movement-based, educational program for pre-school age children.

I will forever continue to share the joy and love of movement with all ages, playfully and energetically!

Britta x